Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Lord Shiva's Pictures & Wallpapers...

Lord Shivan 1

Lord Shivan 2

Lord Shivan 3


Lord Shivan 4

Lord Shivan 5

Lord Shivan 6

Lord Shivan in Small Age
Shivan in Small Age

Lord Shivan 7

Lord Shivan 8

Lord Shivan with Nandhi
Lord Shivan with Nandhi

Lord Shivan 9

Lord Shivan 10

Lord Shivan with Nandhi 2

Lord Natarajar

Shiva Thandavam

Om Namah Shivaya

Lord Shivan with Nandhi 3

Lord Shivan 12

Lord Shivan 13

Lord Shivan 14

Lord Shivan 11

Shiva Lingam's in Karnataka
Shiva Lingam's in Karnataka

Lord Shivan 15

Lord Shivan 16

Lord Shiva & Parvathi
Lord Shiva & Parvathi

Lord Shiva & Parvathi 2

Lord Shiva & Vishnu

Ram & Laxman Praying Shiva Lingam

Lord Natarajar 2

Lord Shiva & Parvathi 3

Lord Shiva & Parvathi 4

Lord Shiva & Parvathi 5

Lord Shiva & Parvathi 6

Lord Shiva & Parvathi 7

Lord Shiva & Parvathi 8

Lord Shiva & Parvathi with Nandhi

Lord Shiva & Lord Ganesh

Lord Shiva & Lord Ganesh 2

Lord Shiva with Parvathi, Lord Ganesh & Lord Murugan
Lord Shiva with Parvathi, Lord Ganesh & Lord Murugan


  1. prasath sir , siddharkali therinthu kollavom....

  2. Wonderful collection. Keep it up "Har Har Mahadev" thanks.

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